Friday, 25 May 2012

The Talking Cure.............

The title of this blog is "a woman who wants to got to bed for a year: even a month will do", inspired by Sue Townsend's book which I am reading.  There is much of what she writes I identify with, and reading it makes me laugh at myself.  Not an easy thing to do. It's not easy to laugh at the self when the self is down, depressed and lonely, feeling as though there is a big hole in the self's life.  There, now I'm talking about myself in the third person.

The Doc prescribed counselling.  "We have an in-house Counsellor", she beamed.  "Not many practices are so lucky".  I thought so too at the time.  So she put in a request for counselling and then I got a letter and a date was set.  Oh, I really shouldn't have felt so optimistic.

Counsellor seemed empathetic, listened and we set up six future dates. All was tickety-boo, wasn't it? Someone to listen.....  On the second of those future dates, she cancelled and asked me to come in the following day.  Ok, no probs.  And in that session she reset the next date. So far so good.

Then a day before my next session she rang to say that there were two dates booked in my name.  Really? So we agreed on one of the dates.  So now used to my usual slot I got mixed up, there were two dates on the calendar and in my anxiety, I turned up late for my session.  Wrote her a note to explain and left it in reception.  The following Monday I get a letter from her saying that I have failed to attend two!!!  appointments and she is cancelling all further appointments and I will have to reapply!!!

When you are feeling depressed and fed-up, being dumped by your Counsellor is not a supportive experience.  So I went to see my Doctor again and explained and she did the necessary paperwork and I went back to see the Counsellor.  Five weeks later!!!  I should have known.

Told Counsellor that I felt that I had been dumped. She knew I was in need of support and there had been not a word from her, I had to chase her up and I was pissed off.  I also pointed out that the cock-up was probably her doing, (of course I didn't use that phrase) as she had made appointments, then reset them and probably not cancelled the double appointments, she had booked.  Well, talk about looking like you are sucking lemons.

So much for Counselling being a safe place to talk, and be honest.  Not much hope if the Counsellor cannot admit to having made a major error and wants to pass the buck to the client.  Not much hope when I have to challenge her on her mistakes which cost me time.

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