Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Once upon a time.......

The worst thing that can happen to anyone, but to a woman in particular, is to lose her best bitching buddy.

did I say lose? how I hate that euphemism.... like I mislaid her the way I do my keys....  no, she died.  That's right, died.  And with her died the one person I could bitch endlessly with and there was no fear of comeback; we kept each other's confidences.... we were the Cosa Nostra of bitching, we had our own code of silence. Omerta. 

And now all that's gone, in the wind.....  I talk to her... and have to imagine what she might say, but theres no substitute for the sound of the human voice.  We both came from dysfunctional families, her's I think a lot more dysfunk than mine, she wouldn't mind me saying that.  We both felt like outsiders, cuckoos' in the nest, different DNA, something not quite right.

So I thought....  well a blog can be a place to bitch, everybody's doing it....  so why not me?   And so it begins....


  1. Bitch away, I enjoy a good bitch and moan myself. I wait with bated breath!!

  2. and I'm sorry about your friend x